Tonight! Wednesday May 7th

Get stoked!!! Wednesday night final Cru Luau BBQ!!!

Free food! Huge pool! Lots of fun!!! Let’s do this!

Starts at 530 and dinner at 630!

Post for rides on Facebook or ask friends! Gonna be sick!

Directions: The address is “4475 North Hwy., Chico, CA 95973” (the address in google will only get you so far. You will need to follow these directions in addition.

-Go north on Esplanade until Shasta school, almost to hwy99. (Nord hwy) take left. continue 1.1 miles. (Over bridge). Locate the only streetlight. Take a left at the streetlight (across from orchard blossom lane). Continue down gravel driveway and MAKE SURE TO TURN RIGHT AT WHITE GATE.